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For the newly diagnosed: Welcome to the club. The worst club with the most amazing, hopeful, strong, resilient, pissed off members. This box is essentially a cancer starter kit to help stay organized, feel the feels, and enjoy some little comforts while going through this tough time.

Welcome to the Club Box

    • Acure All Natural Lavender & Coconut Deodorant.
    • FoilStamped Artisan Note Cards by Studio Oh. To be used as needed for returning kindness.
    • Port + Polish weekly sevenday pill case. Sleek and lovely with mirror inside.
    • I’m So Freaking Freaked Out Journal. Read, write, rip.
    • Dammit Doll for absorbing rage (patterns vary).
    • What to Eat Pad to get organized during a chaotic time. Feeling overwhelmed? Hand this to a friend or partner and check it off of the to-do list.
    • Korean Spa Face Mask in Blueberry. Antistress in a pouch.
    • HKB Insert “Ways to Say YES When Someone Asks if There’s Anything They Can Do to Help”.


    We take privacy seriously. Every box arrives in an unmarked poly shipping bag with only a shipping label visible. If a gift note is added at checkout, it will be placed on top of the box within the shipping bag.