Big Chemo care package for women going through chemotherapy treatment

It's happening. Now is the time for all the fears, frantic 3 AM "why me, why now" texts, questionable medical advice from web searches, and a deep breath. This is a box of cancer gift essentials for some comfort, symptom management, a calm moment, and support during the emotional rollercoaster of chemo treatments. This box includes our love and collective expertise on what helps a friend going through chemotherapy treament feel better and feel supported. 

The Big Chemo Box

    • Chemo Countdown Cards by HKB for social media love or photos to capture the accomplishments of getting through. Set of 24 cards that include countdown numbers from 1-22 plus “halfway done”, “DONE with chemo”, and a blank card to write in a number.
    • Face masks in cute colors and patterns (may vary).
    • Travel-sized Purell hand sanitizer.
    • HKB Weekender Tote. Lightweight tote perfect for hauling all the chemo things and can double as a pillow for the ride home.
    • HKB Mason Jar water bottle. BPA-free plastic bottle with straw.
    • Port + Polish weekly seven-day pill case. Sleek and lovely with mirror inside.
    • 100% cotton, 100% snuggle-able, machine washable cozy blanket.
    • Snarky Tea’s Namaste MotherF**cker blend of raspberry orange green tea sachets.
    • Polka dot scarf to feel pretty on head or around neck.
    • Rebecca Katz’s brilliant Cancer Fighting Kitchen with symptom management recipes specific to Cancer.
    • Silk pillowcase for sensitive scalps or hair preservation.
    • Lebice create-your-own popsicle molds for sore throats and mouth sores.
    • HKB Insert “TOP 10 Things to Pack in Your Chemo Bag”


    We take privacy seriously. Every box arrives in an unmarked poly shipping bag with only a shipping label visible. If a gift note is added at checkout, it will be placed on top of the box within the shipping bag.