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This box is full of items to keep a person entertained, inspired, and distracted while going through cancer diagnosis or treatment. Anything but stressed, please!

Distract Me

    • Ella & Mila Nail Polish for something to do while you binge-watch trashy tv.
    • Calming Word-Find, because if you are focusing your attention on the calming words, there's less room for not-calming words.
    • Sudoku in large print so you have lots of room for taking notes
    • Rebel Deck - Add a little insult to your daily inspiration with these dirty+direct oracle cards. Get funny and honest insight into your crazy life. Warning- this oracle has attitude.
    • Mini window bird feeder and seed. Cause nature.
    • Eugy 3d mini creature kit of the narwhale variety. Simple, yet the image-only instructions make it extra hard.
    • Finish This Book - From Keri Smith, the internationally bestselling creator of Wreck This Journal, a collaborative creative journey where YOU become the author…
    • HKB Mason Jar water bottle. BPA-free plastic bottle with straw. Also contains a mocktail recipe to distract yourself with for a while.
    • HKB Weekender Tote. Lightweight tote perfect for hauling all the distracting things because wherever you go, there you are.


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