Distraction Kit

When a friend is diagnosed with cancer or facing cancer treatment, there are so many uncertainties that can cause stress and unease. We put together a simple gift box of things to do instead of worry. Let her know she's on your mind while providing some much needed distractions for hers. 


This kit arrives in a kraft box with the words: "roses are red, violets are blue, you might feel like $#!%, but you are completely amazing". Add your personalized message at checkout. 

Distraction Kit

    • Ella & Mila Nail Polish to feel pretty and focus attention on getting that DIY mani done. 
    • Word-Find, because if you are thinking about the word-find words, there's less room in your head for all the not-calming words.
    • Eugy 3d mini creature kit of the narwhal variety. Simple, yet the image-only instructions make it extra hard.
    • HKB insert "5 Ways to Be Distracted and Why."


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    We take privacy seriously. Every box arrives in an unmarked poly shipping bag with only a shipping label visible. If a gift note is added at checkout, it will be placed on top of the box within the shipping bag.