Do-it-yourself Boudoir Photo Shoot Kit

We designed this box for cancer patients about to go through surgery or after recovery to feel body beautiful with this DIY sexy photoshoot kit. Mastectomy, lumpectompy, oophorectomy -- scars welcome, nipples optional. Work it, girl.


*iPhone not included ;)

Boudoir Photoshoot Kit

$99.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
    • CamKix Flexible 21 Tripod with Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote and Lens Kit. Compatible with most smartphones. Able to take photos with a handheld button from up to 30 feet away. Perfect for a DIY photoshoot session.
    • Ella + Mila Nail Polish for pretty prep.
    • Lipstick Journey liquid lipstick to perfect the pout.
    • Pacifica Crystal Power hydro mist for a hydrating spritz preshoot.
    • Black lace stiched fabric panel to be used as a peeka-boo wrap or hung as a backdrop.
    • HKB Weekender Tote to haul it all.


    We take privacy seriously. Every box arrives in an unmarked poly shipping bag with only a shipping label visible. If a gift note is added at checkout, it will be placed on top of the box within the shipping bag.