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18 Ways to Say YES When Someone Asks if There's Anything They Can Do to Help When Facing Cancer.

Saying yes to someone offering to help you out is almost as hard as asking for help in the first place. We have compiled a few ways to answer these generous offerings.

1. Yes! Could you...

-take my dog for a walk?

-feed my fish?

-water my plants?

-entertain my kids?

-check in with my partner?

2. Of course! Any time you want to {fill in the blank} it will be greatly appreciated!

-have a pizza delivered

-pass along a grocery delivery coupon

-leave a bag of snacks at my front door

-organize a meal train

3. Thank you! I could really use your help...

-with some laundry

-writing my thank you notes

-scheduling appointments

-replying to some texts

-organizing my bills

4. Definitely! Please just...

-answer my frantic 3am texts to you

-remember my milestone dates and check in

-and keep checking in, even if I don't respond

-forgive me if I'm not able to be the best friend right now

Find this helpful sheet of tips and more meaningful, useful, purposeful unique items in our Welcome to the Club box:

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