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Top 10 Things to Pack in Your Chemo Bag

1. Phone charger - It's going to be a looooooong day

2. Travel neck pillow - Especially for cold-cappers

3. Cozy blankets - Because those hospital "warm-blankets" get cold so fast

4. Ear buds or noise-cancelling headphones - For optimum zoning out

5. A way to be entertained - iPad or magazines, anything easy

6. Ice mitts - Some say it can help with neuropathy

7. Chemo countdown cards - For well-deserved social media love and admiration

8. Slippers or fuzzy socks - With some grip for your treks to the bathroom with your IV companion

9. Loose layers - For extra warmth. Make sure to keep in mind port or arm access

10. A ride home - Equipped with a hug and a box of tissues (with bonus points if they spend the day with you)

HumanKind Box has 6 unique boxes that make a perfect gift for someone going through chemo treatments. Check out the Hug in a Box, Distract Me Box, I Feel Pretty Box, Get Through Chemo Box, Happy Place Box, and Big Chemo Box all at

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