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Essential and Non-Essential Resources for Cancer Support

We want you to have all the tools and support you need, so here is what we've compiled so far.

Sephora Stands Classes for Confidence

Their Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer classes are available to women with cancer for free to teach application techniques to help you feel your best. Classes are 90 minutes. Friends and/or family are welcome to join. And tips include how to rebuild the look of brows and lashes.

Cancer and Careers

Cancer and Careers is a website that can help guide you through the workplace legal and financial ups and downs that getting a cancer diagnosis can cause. They offer free publications and educational videos and the website is truly a treasure trove of resources.

Young Survival Coalition

This organization helps to strengthen the community and addresses the unique needs of young adults affected by breast cancer. Their website provides tons of valuable information and you can find a variety of support groups there as well.

Stupid Cancer

This organization's mission is to empower young adults affected by cancer by ending isolation and building community. They do this by providing very thorough resource guides for education, advocacy, and financial assistance. They also have meetups, support groups, webinars, and relevant blogs.

Little Pink Houses of Hope

This organization provides free week-long retreats for individuals, couples, and families that focus on living stronger, laughing harder, and loving deeper. The goal is to help build and refocus on the vital connection that these important relationships may struggle with during treatment.

Cleaning For A Reason

This organization connects you to free home cleaning provided to patients whose cancer battle and active cancer treatment has adversely impacted their quality of life. Once matched with a local cleaning provider, a patient receives two free, basic home cleanings. That is, one cleaning per month up to two months.

Wildfire Magazine

This is an ad-free, independently published, beautiful and beautifully written magazine for and by young women with breast cancer. They are focused on getting straight to the to help inform and validate your own experience.

American Cancer Society

This organization is a great place to start your search for free or low-cost resources whether you are a cancer patient or their support person. Services they can connect you to include lodging/hotels near treatment centers and rides to appointments. If you can't find the resource you need on their site, they have volunteers available who can help you find the resources you need.

Caring Bridge

Caring Bridge was created to help you save time by making it easy to share information with friends and family, privately. You can create updates, journal entries, and help requests to share with your list of people in an ad- free space and they can respond with their love and support.

Note: This compilation is a work in progress. If you have any organizations or resources that you would highly recommend, please let us know in the comments or message us directly at

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